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Lymphoma is silent in the upper body? 4 signs that it's coming

The emergence and development of disease are a process of gradual deterioration of the body. It is different from accidents in that it occurs suddenly. Although disease comes like a mountain, it usually takes a long time to form. There is enough time for us to self-examine the symptoms. to determine whether you have a certain disease. The same is true for lymphoma. Lymphoma is often accompanied by the following 4 symptoms before it appears. You need to be vigilant!

1. Changes in lymph node sizeThe basic characteristic of tumors is that the tissue in this area will swell. The swelling areas of lymphoma are usually concentrated in the neck, armpits and groin. However, this kind of swelling is just swelling and is generally not accompanied by pain, so it is easily ignored by people as other problems.

2. My whole body starts to feel uncomfortable.

The common lymphatic vessel is the immune system of the whole body. If there is a problem in this place, it is like a fire in the headquarters during a march. There is a problem with the lymph nodes, and you feel uncomfortable all over the body, such as fever, weight loss without warning, etc. Everything seems to remind you that you have a bad cold. In fact, it is not. This "severe cold" has not been good, so it is very likely that it is. Got lymphoma3.

Various problems in the digestive systemIf there is a lymphatic problem, the digestive system will also suffer. There are many common symptoms that may occur after digestive system problems, such as loss of appetite, abdominal pain, etc. It is because the manifestations of lymphoma are common daily reactions, so we never take these symptoms to heart, so that we will miss the treatment period of lymphoma.

4. The skin is affectedFor example, erythema and erosion will appear. If itching is present, it is usually Hodgkin lymphoma. If itching occurs locally, it occurs in the local lymph node drainage area. If it is systemic itching, it is usually complicated by the mediastinum. Or the abdomen.

Lymphoma feels similar to the tip of the nose, neither too hard nor too soft. The texture of inflammatory lymph nodes is softer. Early stage lymphoma has no adhesions and can move. Lymph nodes with a hard texture may be tumor metastasis. This type of lymphoma is fixed in position and cannot move. Once unexplained lymph node enlargement occurs, you need to go to the hospital for timely treatment for corresponding examination.

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