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Is malignant lymphoma contagious? What are the early symptoms?

According to many years of medical research at home and abroad, the conclusion is that cancer is not contagious, and lymphoma is not contagious either. The cancer cells in the patient's body are a group of abnormal cells that are out of control and grow invasively.

They not only destroy nearby normal tissues and organs but also pass through The lymphatic channels and blood circulation transfer to all parts of the body and absorb a large amount of nutrients, causing rapid growth and proliferation, leading to systemic failure and death of the patient.

Early symptoms of malignant lymphoma1. There will be enlargement of lymph nodes throughout the body, mainly in the neck, followed by axillary and inguinal lymph nodes. In the late stage, mediastinal lymph nodes may be involved, etc.

2. Skin swelling will occur, about 30% of which involves the skin. Most of them will appear in the later stages, usually reactive hyperplasia or granuloma formation.

3. It is the hematopoietic system. The hematopoietic system will have flat blood, which is related to bone marrow involvement. Hemolytic anemia may occur in the late stage.

4. Digestive system symptoms, about 30% will involve the stomach, pancreas, and intestines, and may cause malabsorption or even ascites.

5. Symptoms of the cardiovascular system, occasionally exudative pericarditis.

6. Liver damage may occur, which may lead to jaundice.

7. There will be bone metastasis, and about 50% or even 15% will suffer from bone pain.

8. Fever. The body temperature hovers between 38 and 39 degrees for a long time. There are continuous high fever and intermittent low fever. A few have periodic fever.

9. Weight loss. Most patients experience weight loss, losing more than 10% of their original body weight in a short period.

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