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Lymphoma is mainly treated with surgery. 4 things can help with recovery

Lymphoma is a malignant tumor originating from the lymphatic hematopoietic system. Everyone knows that malignant tumors are a very dangerous disease, and surgery is required to inhibit its spread, thereby maintaining the body's immunity to resist the disease. In fact, surgery There are also many taboos. So, what are the dietary taboos after lymphoma surgery? What should we pay attention to in the treatment of lymphoma?

1. Dietary requirements after lymphoma surgery:

1. Never eat spicy food. This is a requirement after any surgery. Do not eat stimulating drinks, pickled foods, or warm foods. Just eat something light.

2. Drink more tea and eat other food leaves, such as papaya juice, tomatoes, oranges, and carrots, which can greatly enhance immunity. It is also recommended to eat garlic, which has the same effect.

3. Recommended foods include: water chestnuts, taro, walnuts, lychees, yellow catfish, snails, sheep tripe, cat meat, oysters, tofu residue, figs, barley, mung beans, bitter melon, pig heart, sheep tripe, oats, sorghum, and tofu. Skin. These are all good for the body and can effectively fight cancer.

2. Pay attention to the following when treating lymphoma:

1. Most doctors will recommend surgical treatment. Scientific care is required before and after surgery, and this treatment has the best effect. Patients with lymphoma must actively seek medical treatment, cannot resist the doctor's advice, take medications on time, and undergo chemotherapy at the same time. The process will be quite painful, and the patient needs to be mentally prepared.

2. Patients need to eat foods with high vitamin content, the most common ones are fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating irritating foods and spices. This needs to be learned from the above answers.

3. Try to reduce smoking and drinking, maintain healthy living habits, and maintain a good mental state and outlook. This is very beneficial to the recovery of the disease.

4. Mentality therapy, actively face your own illness. Many people become depressed and unhappy after learning about their illness, which greatly contributes to the spread of the disease and makes recovery more difficult.

Only with good body functions and strong immunity can we resist the development of cancer and tolerate various drug treatments. Therefore, it improves immune function and enhances resistance to tumors for patients with lymphoma. In terms of diet, patients with lymphoma should eat light, easy-to-digest and nutritious food. They should eat more fruits and vegetables and should not be addicted to spicy food. Patients after surgery should pay more attention to maintenance.

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