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Causes and prevention methods of malignant lymphoma

Malignant lymphoma, also known as "lymphoma", is a malignant tumor that originates in lymph nodes or other lymphoid tissues. It is one of the top ten common malignant tumors in my country. Lymphoma is a type of malignant tumor, and this disease often occurs in young adults, and more men than women. The impact on the workforce is huge. So, let me share with you the symptoms, causes and prevention information of lymphoma.

Causes of lymphoma:

1. Chemical substances: Many people are often exposed to chemical substances, including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, alkylating agents, and aromatic amines, which can cause lymphoma. Generally, newly renovated homes will contain many such carcinogens.

2. Immune deficiency: Low immunity can lead to lymphoma, especially viral infection, which can lead to lymphoma invasion, so it is important to improve immunity.

3. Radiation: Some people who have to be exposed to radiation for a long time because of their work should pay attention and take preventive measures in time. Radiation can easily lead to the occurrence of lymphoma.

4. Infection: People with low immunity are susceptible to viral infections, and patients with lymphoma are often infected by many viruses.

How to prevent lymphoma?

1. Cultivate a good lifestyle1. Eat well. Adequate nutrition is a prerequisite for good health.

2. Quit smoking and limit alcohol consumption. The World Health Organization predicts that if people stopped smoking, cancer in the world would be reduced by one-third in five years. Limit the amount of alcohol you drink at ordinary times and avoid binge drinking.

3. Do more aerobic exercise. Excessive sweating can remove acidic substances from the body with sweat and enhance physical fitness.

2. Reduce psychological or work stressThe medical community generally believes that stress is one of the important causes of physical and mental fatigue. Slowing down life is one of the best ways to prevent lymphoma. Young adults should pay special attention to alleviating psychological pressure from all sides and learn to live a slow life. Hong Kong Medical Information: You can do several sets of deep breathing exercises every day; make friends with happy people, because happiness can be "contagious". Dancing after work will increase the serotonin content in the blood, helping to stabilize mood and relieve anxiety; drinking more water can help people accelerate the metabolism of "pain hormones" and get rid of depression.

3. Don't stay up late oftenIn young adults, survival pressure is high and life patterns are often disrupted. For example, working overtime at night, singing karaoke, playing mahjong, staying up all night, etc. will reduce the body's immunity and induce "rebellion" in the defense forces and cause cancer. This is because the lymphatic system is a very active immune system of the human body. If you often stay up late, the body's immune system will not be able to rest, which may easily lead to lymphoma.

4. Avoid overexertionAfter entering middle age, physical strength is on a downward trend. Due to the poor regulation of fatigue by the body, it cannot recover from fatigue in time. As time goes by, the body's resistance and immunity will decrease, and some chronic diseases lurking in important organs will become acute. attacks, thereby damaging the body's immune system and inducing lymphoma.

5. Regular physical examinations to ensure safetyRegular health check-ups allow you to discover physical warning signs that endanger your health at the earliest possible time with the least effort. Adults should change the bad habit of not going to the hospital for physical examination for a long time. If possible, it is best to have a comprehensive physical examination every year.

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