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Lymphoma is a common disease among middle-aged and young people. In recent years, the increase in the number of people suffering from lymphoma is thought to be caused by increased stress in life. Most people want to know about lymphoma. early symptoms, and also want to know how long the patients can survive once they become ill. 

Lymphoma will show these symptoms in its early stagesFirst, swollen lymph nodesLymphoma is often discovered as swollen lymph nodes, and this swelling is not painful. The most common location of swollen lymph nodes is the neck, followed by the armpits and groin.

Second, feverLymphoma patients will also experience varying degrees of fever symptoms in the early stages, and this performance may be regular, or it may be irregular intermittent continuous fever. Once a patient develops unexplained body fever, attention must be paid to it.

Third, immune function declineLymph itself has a certain effect in sterilization. The immunity of lymphoma patients will decrease and central nervous system infection will occur. If a person often gets sick repeatedly in a short period of time, attention needs to be paid.

Fourth, anemiaThis is verified through clinical data. Less than 20% of patients with malignant lymphoma have symptoms of anemia. As the disease becomes serious, the symptoms of anemia become more serious. In current medical technology, progressive anemia and increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate are already important indicators for judging malignant tumors.

Fifth, rapid weight lossCancer patients basically experience varying degrees of weight loss. This is due to the large energy consumption of tumor cells. If there is obvious weight loss for unknown reasons, attention must be paid to it.

Sixth, skin damageThe body metabolism and detoxification of lymphoma patients will be affected to a certain extent, so patients will also have varying degrees of skin problems, such as erythema, erosion, etc.

In the minds of most people, lymphoma is a very difficult disease to treat, so everyone is worried about the survival period of this type of patients and wants to know the treatment of this disease.

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