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These 4 discomforts are actually “clues” to lymphoma

With the accelerated pace of life, many people do not pay attention to their bodies. Some young people do not have obvious symptoms in the early stages of lymphoma. If they do not check their body specifically, they will not notice it at all. Therefore, in order to better prevent it, we need to understand some of the early symptoms of lymphoma. .

1. Early symptoms of lymphoma1. Lymph node enlargement: The early symptoms of lymphoma may be swelling of superficial and deep lymph nodes, which is characterized by progressive and painless nature. It mainly manifests in the armpit, neck or inguinal lymph nodes, with cervical lymphadenopathy being the most common, followed by axillary lymph nodes.

2. Fever: Patients with lymphoma may be accompanied by fever. These phenomena may manifest as regular fever, persistent high fever, or intermittent low fever. In short, the heat pattern is very irregular.

3. Weight loss: Lymphoma patients lose more than 10% of their original body weight within 6 months for unknown reasons.

4. Extranodal lesions of cervical lymphoma: Lymphoma tumors can invade various tissues and organs throughout the body during the development process, and the clinical manifestations are complex and diverse, such as liver enlargement, abdominal distension and pain, cough, pleural effusion, etc.

2. The harm caused by lymphoma to the human body1. Violates all tissues and organs throughout the body. As lymphoma tumors gradually develop, cancer cells will also metastasize in the body, causing serious impact on various tissues and organs throughout the body. A series of symptoms such as cough, abdominal distension and pain, liver enlargement, pleural effusion, etc. will appear, and the body will suffer severe pain. torturing patients.

2. Seriously affect health and life. The torment of the disease makes the patient miserable, loses appetite, decreases resistance, becomes increasingly thin and weak, and has a negative mood, which seriously affects the patient's health and causes great inconvenience to life and work. In severe cases, it may even threaten the patient's life.

3. How to prevent lymphoma?

Method 1: Balanced dietAvoid eating too much spicy food such as onions, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, etc. Eat according to each person's actual situation, formulate a specific and reasonable diet plan, eat more vegetables and fruits, mainly light meals, and eat small amounts frequently. In addition, cigarettes and alcohol are very harmful, so you should quit smoking and drinking.

Method 2: Keep exercisingConsistent exercise can promote blood flow and fat decomposition, regulate endocrine levels, and play a role in fitness and fat-lowering. Only through a balanced diet and physical exercise can all body indicators be kept at a safe value, which is conducive to the body's recovery.

Method 3: Maintain good living habitsStudies have shown that the less time you sleep, the more likely you are to suffer from various diseases. Because staying up late can cause endocrine disorders in the human body and easily lead to lymphatic system disorders. Therefore, it is necessary to have a regular schedule and ensure sufficient sleep time, which can enhance people's resistance and improve immunity. In addition, we must maintain a positive and optimistic healthy attitude in life and work.

Method 4: Check your body regularlyBy checking your body regularly, you can know your health status and detect lymphoma with no obvious symptoms in time. Once discovered, you can take the correct treatment as soon as possible. If lymphoma is not treated in time, it can cause a variety of life-threatening complications. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to the early symptoms of lymphoma and effectively prevent lymphoma.

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