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Genetic factors of lymphoma and how to prevent lymphoma in life

Today, let's talk with you about lymphoma!1. Genetic factors of lymphoma

Heredity is also one of the causes of lymphoma, which medical staff have discovered many years ago. Some people have one parent with lymphoma and also get the disease themselves. Lymphoma patients are mostly brothers and sisters in the same family, but exceptions are not excluded.

2. What are the early symptoms of lymphoma?

1. The early symptoms of lymphoma are swollen lymph nodes, including superficial and deep lymph nodes. The characteristics are that the swollen lymph nodes are progressive, painless, hard, and most of them can be pushed. In the early stages of lymphoma, lymphoma does not adhere to each other. , in the late stage, it may fuse, and anti-inflammatory and anti-tuberculosis treatments will be ineffective.

2. Lymphoma patients may have fever, and the fever pattern is often irregular, ranging from 38 to 39C for many years. Some patients with lymphoma may have continuous high fever, or intermittent low fever, and a few have periodic fever.

3. Extranodal lesions of cervical lymphoma. Lymphoma tumors can invade various tissues and organs throughout the body.

4. Systemic symptoms: fever (irregular), night sweats, itching, especially itching, are the specific symptoms of Jerkin's disease.

3. How to prevent lymphoma in life?

1. Quit smoking and limit alcohol consumption

Patients with lymphoma must stop smoking and limit alcohol consumption. Because tobacco and alcohol contain extremely acidic substances, long-term smoking and drinking will cause people to develop an acidic system, which will make the patient even more painful.

2. Eat less salty and spicy food

Patients with lymphoma should try to eat less salty and spicy foods. These patients with sweating should eat some alkaline-containing foods or anti-cancer foods. This will help the condition improve and is also very good for the patient's health. Big benefit.

3. Prevent excessive fatigue

In fact, not only lymphoma patients, but also cancer patients must maintain a good attitude, actively respond to stress, and prevent excessive endocrine disorders in the body, thereby causing metabolic disorders. Therefore, those acidic substances will be deposited; if the pressure is too high, it will also cause metabolic disorders. It will cause mental stress and aggravate the condition. Therefore, it is helpful for cancer patients to maintain a happy mood to recover from the condition.

4. Good living habits

Living an irregular life and staying up late often will aggravate the acidity in the body, making it easy to get cancer. Develop a good living habit to maintain a weak alkaline balance in the body and prevent lymphoma.

5. Detoxify the body regularly.

Yao doctors believe that all human diseases are caused by the accumulation of large amounts of toxins in the body. Therefore, regular detoxification of the body can not only prevent the occurrence of lung cancer, but also restore the body's detoxification, achieve balance between profit and loss, and contribute to health and longevity.

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