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People with these 5 symptoms are "potential lymphoma patients"!

Lymphoma is a malignant tumor that occurs in lymph nodes and lymphoid tissues. It can occur in any part of the body. It is one of the common malignant tumors in my country. It is a malignant tumor of the immune system. It mostly occurs in young people and has great consequences for human health. s damage. Because the symptoms of lymphoma are relatively insidious and difficult to detect, they are often mistaken for common cold symptoms. If the early symptoms of lymphoma can be discovered and treated promptly, the survival rate will be greatly improved.

So, what are the symptoms of lymphoma?

1. FeverGenerally, fever is a symptom of a cold, but if you have a persistent high fever or multiple unexplained fevers in a short period of time, and the fever temperature is usually above 38 degrees, accompanied by symptoms such as excessive sweating, coughing, weight loss, etc., you should consider investigation. Lymphoma. Some patients have irregular fever for a long time, and only notice swollen lymph nodes after a long time.

2. Swollen lymph nodesMost patients will be found to have swollen lymph nodes in the neck without a clear cause in the early stage, which will gradually affect other parts of the body, such as the jaw and armpits. Lymph nodes can range from the size of soybeans to the size of red dates, with medium hardness, uniformity and plumpness. At first, they are just a single enlargement, and gradually the number of lymph nodes increases and the size of the lymph nodes becomes larger. Later, lymph nodes in other parts of the body will gradually increase in size.

3. Itchy skinSkin itching is a special early symptom of lymphoma. In the absence of skin diseases such as rash, but a skin disease with itching, there can be local itching or systemic itching, which represents different conditions. In some lymphoma patients, the itching disappears immediately after the cancerous lymph nodes are removed; but the itching will reappear when the tumor recurs, so the occurrence of itching may also be a signal of recurrence of lymphoma.

4. Pain after drinking alcoholSome patients with lymphoma will experience pain in the diseased lymph nodes or bones after drinking alcohol, as well as numbness and soreness in the waist. The pain may be severe or dull. This is due to blood circulation problems and nerve stimulation. , causing the patient to feel pain in the waist.

5. Gastrointestinal reactionsMalignant lymphoid lesions are more common in the gastrointestinal tract and manifest as loss of appetite, abdominal pain, diarrhea, intestinal obstruction, and blood in the stool. The injured parts are mainly the small intestine, most of which is the ileum, followed by the stomach. Abdominal cramps and active masses can be seen. Chronic diarrhea is often present, and steatorrhea can also occur, which can also lead to intestinal obstruction.

If your body has already experienced these abnormalities, do not make the decision without authorization. You must go to a regular hospital for examination and treatment in time to avoid delaying the condition. Early detection and early treatment can greatly improve the cure rate of lymphoma.

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