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When lymphoma comes, the patient's upper body will have some abnormal changes.

1. Swollen lymph nodesAs we all know, lymph nodes are located throughout the body. This is an important immune organ. Under normal circumstances, lymph nodes are distributed in groups behind the ears, mastoid areas, etc., with a diameter of 0.5 cm. There is no pain when touched;

However, clinical data shows that if cancer occurs in the lymph nodes, masses will appear one after another in the armpits or submandibular areas with rich lymph nodes during the course of the disease, and there will also be pain when the wind comes out. At this time, it is best for everyone to first Go for an examination to determine the cause and then provide targeted treatment, which may prevent the disease from progressing.

2. Inexplicable feverFever is a common physiological phenomenon in life. Symptoms of fever usually appear when you catch a cold or have inflammation, but they can get better after rest or taking medicine. However, if the fever is inexplicable and persists for a long time, you should consider whether it is It is not caused by the arrival of lymphoma. Because lymphoma is extremely harmful, especially when the disease progresses rapidly, the body's immunity decreases and certain parts are more likely to be troubled by inflammation.

In addition, when fighting cancer cells, lymphocytes die in large numbers, which in turn stimulates the body's temperature regulation center, so patients will have symptoms of fever, and the temperature is usually between 38 and 39 degrees. If no treatment is taken, Despite the treatment measures, the skin of the body will continue to sweat.

3. Skin abnormalitiesResearch has found that after lymphoma occurs, patients also have a typical physical symptom, which is skin lesions, such as erythema on the surface or skin ulcers;

At this time, do not simply think that it is a skin disease. This situation is often related to the reduced immunity caused by lymphoma, so patients will suffer from repeated skin infections.

4. Alcohol painThe so-called alcohol pain is the pain in local lymph nodes or bones that occurs after drinking alcohol. It is also a distress signal sent by lymphoma;

Because cancer cells have the characteristics of fast growth and easy metastasis. If local lesions are not taken seriously, the cancer cells may gradually metastasize to the femoral head, causing obstruction of blood circulation and irritation to nerves, thereby causing The patient experienced numbness and soreness in the waist after drinking alcohol.

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